Who we are

The Cooperative was established in Venice in 1992 thanks to the dedication of some parents and professionals who aimed to integrate differently-abled individuals into a “real” yet protected work environment.

Over the years, the Cooperative has enriched itself with specialized technicians (Ph.D. in Forestry and Agricultural Sciences), thus increasing and enhancing the professionalism of the work performed.

Gardeners in Venice

Gardeners are green professionals, dealing with plant areas through maintenance, design, and implementation, from simple pots to be placed on terraces to public gardens.

To properly care for and make green areas visually appealing, they must be entrusted to a qualified gardener. In Venice, Laguna Fiorita stands out as an Onlus organization dedicated to gardening.


Products & Services

In addition to personally caring for the green areas to be treated, gardeners offer a wide range of products and services.

Specifically, these include plants or plant seeds, tools, pots, soils, and fertilizers. Gardeners also have the ability to design and create floral areas, as well as provide private and public maintenance.

Among other services are tree pruning using Tree Climbing techniques, in compliance with legislative regulation no. 626, and the installation of complete irrigation systems.


Laguna Fiorita

Laguna Fiorita is an Onlus-type Cooperative located at Fondamenta dell’Abbazia Cannaregio in Venice for over 30 years. Their activities focus on working with plants, floral arrangements, and, of course, public and private green areas.

The team is a mix of individuals filled with love for life in all its forms. It includes parents, educators, gardeners, and specialists in Forestry and Agricultural Sciences who impeccably organize the work, contributing personally to professional results.

The contact with nature stimulates psychophysical well-being and is a true panacea for some members of the team. What makes this Onlus unique is the presence of individuals with disabilities who, despite some limitations, diligently perform their tasks and always have a smile for everyone.

Laguna Fiorita aims to integrate differently-abled individuals into a protected and useful work environment as a whole.