Green area implementation

Laguna Fiorita is a nursery with approximately 500 square meters of exhibition space in the historic center of Venice, in the Cannaregio district. We have been involved for many years in: garden design and implementation; pruning; sales of plants, pots, decorative stones, and products for plant care and nutrition; setups for courtyards, terraces, and balconies.

Why Choose Laguna Fiorita?

With twenty years of experience in creating green areas and irrigation systems in Venice, we are a guarantee for anyone wishing to surround themselves with greenery and feel immersed in nature. Over the years, we have consistently collaborated with specialized technicians, thereby increasing and enhancing the professionalism of our work.

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Tel. +39 041 5244097
Address: Fondamenta dell’Abbazia Cannaregio, 3546 – 30121 – Venezia (VE), ITALIA