Irrigation system installation

We install automatic irrigation systems for both gardens and terraces, using both battery-operated and electronic controllers.


Irrigation System Installation in Venice

For over 30 years, at Laguna Fiorita Onlus, we have been engaged in setting up automatic irrigation systems in Venice and beyond.
If you have a garden, a terrace, or a rooftop, we will create an automatic system for you that ensures the precise distribution of water, preventing excessive water wastage and saving time.
All the systems we install come with controllers, either battery-operated or electronic.


How do we install irrigation systems for your garden?

We use various types of irrigation for your garden, depending on your soil. The primary goal is to evenly distribute water on the lawn and plants. Here are some types of systems we create:

  • Flexible hose irrigation
  • In-ground irrigation
  • Above-ground irrigation
  • Rain irrigation
  • Drip irrigation

What is the cost of an automatic system?

The cost of such a system is typically calculated based on the hectares of land where you want to install the system.

The least expensive option is the use of flexible hose.


How do we install irrigation systems in Venice for your terrace or rooftop?

The installation process includes several steps:

  1. We connect the battery-operated controller to the faucet.
  2. We attach the tubing to the controller.
  3. We add microtubes that connect to the main tubing.
  4. We connect the emitters.
  5. We seal the tubing.

Why choose drip irrigation?

Drip irrigation is the best solution for your terrace. Water is delivered through small droplets directly near the plant roots, allowing it to penetrate deeply, resulting in water savings.

This type of irrigation allows you to:

  • Save approximately 70% of water.
  • Achieve deeper watering.
  • Keep plants healthy.
  • Experience fewer pests, as there is less water available.

What is the cost of a drip irrigation system?

The cost for this type of irrigation system varies depending on the square meters of space that need to be irrigated.